Value Of Word Of Mouth Marketing

Value Of Word Of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing (VOMM) can be defined as the process through which a business influences its customer and target people and makes them talk about the business, its reputation, strength and marketing. Before all marketing drives, there was Word of Mouth Marketing. It is very effective and we will see in the next sections how important it is.

Value Of Word Of Mouth Marketing

Importance of Word of Mouth Marketing

Before talking about its importance, we are going to present some facts that prove Word of Mouth Marketing works and how it affects a business.

  1. Around 1000 customers can create more than 500,000 conversations about a brand.
  2. 66% Brand mentions are positive, meaning Word of Mouth Marketing leads to positive brand reputation.
  3. 81% Customers get influenced from social media posts of their friends.
  4. 92% People trust what their friends or people they know recommend.
  5. Behind 50% purchasing decision, there is a Word of Mouth Marketing.
  6. 72% Customers have trust in customer reviews when it comes to making a purchase decision.
  7. 84% B2B decision makers start their process because of a referral.

It is widely known that people trust when it comes to recommendations from their friends and the people they know. If you can make one person talk about your business, that person will make 10 more people to discuss your business. The chain continues and the world is further shared and spread.

Word of Mouth Marketing is very effective in all ways. Let it be getting more people to talk about a business, increasing customers, getting more orders or making more sales. When a business is discussed, that means people are interested in it. This happens because of a Word of Mouth Marketing. This proves a B2B has a great value for a Word of Mouth Marketing.

How To Use a Word of Mouth Marketing?

Here are some useful tricks to create a Word of Mouth Marketing.

1. Make Yourself Interesting

People will only be interested in you when you will have something for them. Make yourself interesting as well as confident so that customers have trust in you.

Are you giving something out which creates something to be spoken about, mentioned, shared, come up in conversation. It is the small details of a business and its brand identity, created through niche elements which will have these whispering effect around businesses and consumers.

Think about the services, offerings and deals which you have spoken about recently. You may not actually remember doing it but within small talk you are so often inclined to mention if somebody has checked out, seen or used a particular restaurant, website, clothing brand etc.

Without a unique element of your business, whatever it may be, a name, a freebie, a level of quality service, or an overall experience. This is what will bring your business u p in conversation.

2. Create a Trigger

This refers to attracting customers and people to your business. Apple can be seen as an example. It has several products and most of them are interconnected with one another. You have got to be creative and see around where you can create triggers.

A sequence or chain of events which gets the momentum building and something people are expectant of.

3. Have Value

You need to have some influencers and serious people in your circle. Their shares and interactions matter. You should have more value when it comes to impressions.

Influencer marketing creates a buzz. It is the modern day Public Relations and a key to word of mouth spreading in an authentic way.

Although the creation of this may not always be purely legitimate – paying for influencers or giving away things. But that is the way it works.

4. Provoke Emotions

If you know how you can provoke emotions of the people and target audience, this can be effective for you Word of Mouth Marketing.

Buzz marketing, viral marketing, blog marketing and social media marketing are the best ways to provoke emotions. This is your tool to leverage new business and effective lead generation through people who attached.

5. Customer Reviews

We have highlighted the significance of customer reviews. They influence the behavior of customers and help them decide when it comes to purchasing something. Use customer reviews smartly so that you can get the most out of these. This can be a whole game changer.

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