7 TV Fun Facts You Absolutely Need to Know

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Americans love watching TV. Research found that 18 to 34-year old’s watch over one hour a day whereas 65-year-olds spend over four hours

TV shows are a part of our nation’s social fabric and impact our daily lives. If you’re hoping to expand your TV knowledge, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven TV fun facts to brighten your day.

1. The “CSI” Effect Is Real 

One of the most interesting tidbits of television trivia is how CSI influences real-life courts. Everyone’s watched CSI which is why it has such a profound effect on jurors. Because of the show, they have unrealistic expectations of what forensic science involves.

2. Klinger Was Meant for One Episode

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning MASH TV show facts. In the MASH TV show, Klinger’s character was meant for one episode and he was supposed to be gay. But instead, we know him as a heterosexual who cross-dresses so he can escape Korea. If you’re after more information about the cast of MASH TV, then take a look

3. The “How I Met Your Mother” Kids Kept the Secret for Years

Another useful bit of TV trivia is how Ted’s kids, played by Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie, had to shoot their scenes during the first season. This was because Henrie was going through puberty, so they don’t want to compromise the storyline. As a result, the two actors kept the show’s secret for nine years!

4. Take a Closer Look at the Brady Bunch’s House

The back door doesn’t have glass because the producers didn’t want light reflecting from it. Plus, the kids’ bathroom strangely didn’t have a toilet. This was because the network didn’t want to show a toilet on TV.

5. Spock Was “Satanic” 

Star Trek almost lost their beloved character. NBC thought that Spock looked like the devil and that it wouldn’t go down well with their audience. Luckily, the show’s screenwriter refused to concede, and Spock stayed. 

6. Mila Kunis Lied to Get on “That ’70s Show”

Mila Kunis landed the role of Jackie by fabricating her age. The showrunners were looking for 18-year-old actors because of restrictions of minors. But a brave 14-year-old Kunis won their hearts and they were none the wiser.

7. The Addams Family Were Technologically Advanced

In the 1960s, the Addams Family was the first TV family to own a computer. It was a UNIVAC, the first general-purpose electronic computer, which was massive. Only two years later, and Bruce Wayne was tapping away on his Bat computer.

Those Are Our TV Fun Facts

Now you know our top TV fun facts.

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Every TV show has its secrets from classics like MASH to more recent shows like How I Met Your Mother. Learning about these shows gives you a better historical context and insight into the process. And now you can flex your knowledge on Trivia night!

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