19 NBA Coaches With Highest Net Worth

Scott Skiles net worth

#19 Scott Skiles, $ 12 Million

Scott Skiles is considered as one of the most highly paid basketball coaches today.

In his prolonged and successful career as a skilled NBA coach, he was appointed with multiple potential NBA clubs, including, Phoenix Suns, Chicago Bulls, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Orlando Magic.

His prosperous & bright coaching career has presented him a respectable and reputable position as well as an ample amount of salary.

While the majority of his team players were facing complex injuries, he commanded & led his team, PAOK Thessaloniki to the third position in the famous Greek League during the 1996-1997 season.

Tom Thibodeau net worth

#18 Tom Thibodeau, $ 12 Million

Tom Thibodeau is considered as one of the most respected basketball coaches due to his proven expertise and terrific coaching skills.

This millionaire coach is currently appointed as the reputed president of basketball operations and the renowned head coach of the team, Minnesota Timberwolves.

Tom is having many notable achievements in his career as a coach. Under his tremendous guidance, his team, Boston Celtics won NBA championship in the year, 2008.

Byron Scott net worth

#17 Byron Scott, $ 14 Million

Byron Scott is the present head coach of the glorious team, Los Angeles Lakers.

He is another great, successful yet rich coach in the history of NBA.

In 2016, his annual salary is reported as $4 Million, whereas his net worth is estimated to be approximately around $14 Million.

As a coach, he had completed few prestigious milestones throughout his career, for example, he was awarded as NBA Coach of the Year of 2008.

Along with that, his brilliant coaching stint gifted him the award of NBA All-Star Game head coach twice in the years of 2002 and 2008 respectively.

Billy Donovan net worth

#16 Billy Donovan, $ 14 Million

Billy Donovan has a great yet prosperous career among the wide array of NBA coaches.

Hence unsurprisingly, his excellent coaching skills have made his fortune to the list of the richest NBA coaches of all time.

Billy assisted his teams in winning various historic victories so far, such as NCAA champion, NCAA regional champion, SEC Tournament champion, SEC regular season champion and much more too.

Moreover, he was awarded as SEC Coach of the Year, SoCon Coach of the Year, and Amos Alonzo Stagg Coaching Award etc for this fascinating coaching spirit.

Earl Watson net worth

#15 Earl Watson, $ 16 Million

Earl Watson is recognized as one of the best coaches in the NBA right now.

That’s why his coaching skills are rewarded to get paid a lump sum salary.

He is regarded as the top paid basketball coach in the world.

He’s presently appointed with his team, Phoenix Suns as an assistant coach.

Doc Rivers net worth

#14 Doc Rivers, $ 16 Million

When it comes to listing the successful coaches in the NBA history, surely the name “Doc Rivers” inevitably appears in the list.

Apart from being super successful as a professional NBA coach, Doc Rivers is also rich and wealthy too.

In the recent times, he’s coaching the team, Los Angeles Clippers.

The coach is having significant achievements in his career such as winning the prestigious the award of NBA Coach of the Year in 2000 and NBA All-Star Game head coach in the years of 2008 and 2011 respectively.

Luke Walton net worth

#13 Luke Walton, $ 16 Million

Luke Walton, the former professional basketball player, worked as the assistant coach for the impeccable NBA team of Golden State Warriors.

Currently, he’s designated as the head coach and associated with Los Angeles Lakers.

He successfully led his team, Golden State Warriors to win a massive victory in the NBA championship trophy of 2015.

Kevin McHale net worth

#12 Kevin McHale, $ 16 Million

Kevin McHale is designated as the head coach of the NBA team, Houston Rockets.

At one point of time, his million dollars per year salary eventually made his paycheck as the fourth highest in the history of NBA.

Hence, this successful NBA coach has also made his million dollar fortune quite easily.

The seven-times NBA All-Star head coach, Kevin helped direct his team, Boston Celtics to three NBA championships, eight Atlantic Division crowns & five Eastern Conference titles.

Steve Kerr net worth

#11 Steve Kerr, $ 18 Million

Steve Kerr, another promising NBA coach, is currently associated with the leading team, Golden State Warriors where he earns a total salary of approximately $5 million per year.

His splendid coaching skill has led his team to win many significant victory records and striking achievements, like NBA champion, 2015.

Also, he has been recently awarded NBA Coach of the Year (2016) and NBA All-Star Game head coach (2015).

Gregg Popovich net worth

#10 Gregg Popovich, $20 Million

Undoubtedly, Gregg has a vivid knowledge, wide experience, and sheer expertise in the NBA coaching industry.

This famous coach is presently associated with San Antonio Spurs.

He is a three-times NBA Coach of the Year and a four-times All-Star Game head coach.

He successfully supervised his team, San Antonio Spurs to win the legendary NBA championship for five times till date.

Stan Van Gundy net worth

#9 Stan Van Gundy, $20 Million

Stan Van Gundy has a pretty successful and proficient career as an NBA coach.

Currently, Gundy is being appointed as the role of the head coach and as well as the president of basketball operations of the renowned team, Detroit Pistons.

Stan has a record of winning the most prestigious NBA award twice i.e. NBA All-Star Game head coach.

Brian Shaw net worth

#8 Brian Shaw, $ 27.2 Million

Brian Shaw is popularly known as the World’s strongest man.

He had a dream from his early childhood to make it to the NBA.

His immense potential has made his career as a great basketball player and a glorious coach too.

His team, Los Angeles Lakers became NBA champion twice while he was appointed as the assistant coach.

Flip Saunders net worth

#7 Flip Saunders, $ 30 Million

Phillip Flip Saunders was the eminent head coach, part-owner of the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves, and the President of Basketball Operations.

He had a former head coaching assignment with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

He had also spent a considerable amount of time as head coach of the teams, Washington Wizards & Detroit Pistons.

Flip had won the NBA All-Star Game head coach award twice in 2004 and 2006 respectively.

Derek Lamar Fisher net worth

#6 Derek Lamar Fisher, $ 40 Million

Derek has become extremely rich and famous because of his extremely flourishing career as a marvelous professional basketball player.

His remarkable coaching stint has brought him a great success too.

He has been appointed as the head coach for New York Knicks.

Phil Jackson net worth

#5 Phil Jackson, $ 50 Million

Phil Jackson is considered as one of the greatest NBA coaches so far.

During his career, he has associated and successfully coached various eminent NBA teams, including, New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks, the Chicago Bulls, and Los Angeles Lakers.

His holistic approach to basketball coaching and impressive leadership has rewarded him as the Top 10 Coaches in NBA History.

Even, under his leadership, his teams won NBA championship award for 11 times.

Larry Brown net worth

#4 Larry Brown, $70 Million

Larry Brown is another rich and wealthy American basketball coach in the NBA history.

While taking into the account inflation, he has earned around $156 million during his NBA coaching career.

This two-times NBA All-Star Game head coach commanded his team, Detroit Pistons to become the NBA champion in the year of 2004.

Jason Kidd net worth

#3 Jason Kidd, $75 Million

Jason Kidd is considered as one of wealthiest NBA coach.

Currently, this famous former basketball player is appointed as the head coach of the famous NBA team, Milwaukee Bucks.

Jason has many potential achievements in his coaching career too.

Pat Riley net worth

#2 Pat Riley, $80 Million

Pat Riley is appointed as the team President of the Miami Heat in NBA.

The nine-times NBA All-Star Game head coach has made his fortune as a brilliant head coach, potential team president and also as a former basketball player.

He is well-regarded as the Top 10 Coaches in NBA History who has led his teams to become the memorable NBA champion for five times.

Patrick Ewing net worth

#1 Patrick Ewing, $ 85 Million

Patrick Ewing was born to become rich.

He is considered as the richest NBA coach of all the time.

He is a renowned and former Hall of Fame player who is famously known for winning the Olympic gold medals during the years of 1984 and 1992.

He is also pretty successful as an NBA coach. Currently, he’s appointed with the royal basketball team, Charlotte Hornets.

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