How to Dress for a Picnic Day – 5 Cute Outfit Ideas for Spring / Summer 2021

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The spring-summer season is the time for country trips and travel. Not a single summer is complete without a picnic in the park, in the forest, on the lake, or on the beach – with rose wine and snacks, outdoor games, and lazy lying on the grass. A picnic is a wonderful family affair or a great opportunity to spend time with friends. As soon as the sun begins to warm up, and the weekend comes, we get into cars, whether with family or a group of friends, and go to the countryside to enjoy amazing landscapes, clean air, greenery, sea or ocean, to relax and take a break from the bustle of the big city. We can dream while looking at passing clouds or sitting by the water, talk with friends, spend time by the evening fire in pleasant company. All these cute moments leave wonderful impressions that we will definitely want to share by posting stories on Instagram. How to look stylish while feeling comfortable and relaxed in the air? What a look to create for a picnic trip and what is the right picnic outfit? Let’s try to figure it out.
Comfort is key. To begin with, we will immediately discard the options with tight-fitting and restricting clothing – no tight skirts or tight dresses. Lay aside shoes with heels or high soles and make sure to take comfortable footwear. And, of course, it should be clothes made from natural breathable materials so that you feel lightness and freedom during the whole picnic.
It can be a relaxed sporty or stylish feminine ensemble, but it should be comfortable.

1. Casual Jeans and T-shirt

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Of course, jeans of any style are classic leisurewear. Whether it’s boyfriends or skinny, it’s up to you. Complement them with a stylish T-shirt with a cool photo print. A sports vest can be put on top to protect from the wind. This look will certainly be comfortable and trendy, especially if you choose the right shoes.

2. Romantic Sundress Or Dress

If you are going with your beloved for a romantic date combined with a picnic, you can wear a long light dress or a sundress. To protect yourself from such annoyances as cold, nettles, and insects, you can complement the set with a shirt, hat and shawl. A multi-layered boho outfit, complemented by voluminous jewelry, will allow you to show originality, demonstrate creativity and a sense of style.

3. Chic Tracksuit

Sportshic is a very fashionable, bold, and, more importantly, a comfortable modern trend. Sportswear designed for workouts will not work for this trendy look. It is worth going to an inexpensive boutique, choosing practical trousers or glamour leggings and a comfortable sweatshirt. Complement the set with trendy Oakley sunglasses, a bucket bag, and chunky sneakers. Sport chic is a cool finding for active girls.

4. Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are an irreplaceable piece of a wardrobe in spring and summer, and all the more so at a picnic. Choose an option from denim, cotton, silk, linen. Complete your look with a comfy straw hat, colorful bracelets, and matching summer bags for accessories.

5. Shirtdress With A Belted Waist

Try to surprise everyone with your retro look – complement your shirtdress with trendy sneakers and oversized sunglasses. Tie a bright shawl over your head, take a wicker basket of tasty food and a checkered blanket. A memorable pin-up look will impress anyone. You are guaranteed to receive a charge of good mood and a huge portion of the most sincere compliments.

Check the weather forecast and bring a transparent raincoat or umbrella with you if needed. A spare sweater or lightweight windbreaker is also never superfluous and will allow you to comfortably spend the night under the stars, even if it was not planned.

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