Guide To Having A Great Shave Every Time

Great Shave Every Time

During the summer, shaving becomes an important part of everyone’s shower routine. However, if not done correctly, it can often lead to really bad razor burn, ingrown hairs, and more. 

A good shaving routine for both men and women consists not only of thorough pre-shave prep but also calls for the right kind of equipment and good techniques which offer a good shave with minimal nicks and burns. 

Read our words below to know what kind of equipment and products work best when it comes to shaving, as well as the best pre, during, and after-shave techniques for best results. 

What To Use For A Good Shave 

If you want a good shave every time, the first thing you need are good tools that won’t give up on you after one shave, and will not cause your skin unnecessary pain. 

  1. A Good Razor – First off, you need a really good razor. Make sure that the design is strong and sturdy, and the blades touch the skin as close as possible, for a smooth shave. Nowadays, multi-blade disposables are the market standard, but opting for single-blade razors is a better option. Not only are they more efficient, but they also manage to deliver a much closer, smoother shave, compared to multi-blade razors which cause hair to get trapped in-between the blades. There are several great single-blade, safety razors out there, such as a classic like a Rockwell 6S Safety Razor which we highly recommend. 
  1. A Soothing Shaving Foam – Compared to soaps and gels, shaving foam or gel-to-foam formulations are your best friend. They provide the appropriate lather required for a smooth shave, which isn’t always the case when you use soaps, as they may not lather as much. Opting for ingredients like aloe can help calm down your skin during the shave, and reduce redness and irritation. However, a great alternative if you cannot get a hold of shaving foam is a hair conditioner. It helps make the skin smooth and softens the hair, allowing you to have a great shave. 
  1. A Calming Moisturizer – After-shave care is crucial if you don’t want to face redness, itching, bumps in the days following your shave. Again, make sure that your moisturizer has ingredients that can bring down irritation like aloe vera and Cica, also known as Centella Asiatica. Applying moisturizer after shaving can not only help relieve you of dryness but will also prevent your skin from developing worse symptoms. 
  1. Sunscreen – If you have plans of going out in the sun after shaving, applying plenty of sunscreens is incredibly important. Shaving not only exposes your skin more but also makes it sensitive and more susceptible to sun damage. Applying sunscreen after shaving will prevent you from tanning and keep your sensitive skin away from harmful UV faus which can lead to sunspots, sun damage, and even skin cancer. 

The Best Shaving Practices 

  1. Follow The Direction of Hair – Many people tend to go against the grain when they’re shaving as it seems to be more effective, but that’s actually bad practice. Going against the direction of hair growth can lead to increased irritation and razor burn. Instead, follow the way your hair grows. This way, you minimize friction and your skin is saved from nicks and bumps. 
  1. Soak In A Warm Bath – Before you shave, make sure to soak yourself in a warm bath for at least 15-20 minutes. This will help open up your pores and soften up your hair follicles, both of which will help deliver a smoother shave and prevent you from having to run over the same area more than once, and also make the entire process much smoother. 
  1. Use An Exfoliator – Using a polishing scrub or an exfoliator to scrub your body before moving onto shaving can also lead to a smoother shaving experience. The scrub will remove dead skin, and give the razor better access to your hair follicles, which will lead to a smooth shave with little to no irritation and friction. It will also help make your skin shinier and cleaner, which is always an added benefit. 
  1. Always Use A Clean Razor – It is incredibly important to always use a clean razor and keep it stored in a clean, dry place after usage. If kept in improper conditions, razors can develop bacteria and mold very quickly, and if you use them to shave, these bacteria can enter your body through nicks and cuts, and lead to infections. So always make sure to rinse your razors with soap after using, and keep them stored in a dry area, away from direct water. This is also important as they can even develop rust. 

Shave Intermittently – While shaving regularly is important to maintain a clean, hygienic appearance, shaving too often can be harmful to your skin. Not only will it increase irritation, razor burn and cause your skin to become more sensitive, the usage of shaving foam frequently can also chronically dry out the skin. So make sure to shave intermittently and not every day.

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