24 Celebrities Who Died In 2016

Pete Burns

#23 Pete Burns (57)

The founder of the pop band ”Dead or Alive”, nicknamed Cleopatra, Burns looked ”freakish” even at the age of 16.

His outrageous, and androgynous look was a perfect fit into the dance of the 80s.

Burns died following a sudden cardiac arrest on October 23, 2016. at the age of 57.

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  • kamal usman aliyu
    kamal usman aliyu

    sorry friend $ sisters I don’t have admss

  • jesse01

    a few adult movie stars on the list… I guess it will be strange to watch their movies after this article lol

  • WayneB

    Fidel Castro was a dictator and tyrant!

    No one should miss that guy!!!!

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