20 Hot Celebrities With Unattractive Partners

Elizabeth Banks & Max Handelman

19 Elizabeth Banks & Max Handelman

She made her debut in the film ”Surrender Dorothy” (1998) and is known for her roles in such films such as ’’Spider-Man’’ trilogy (2002- 2007), ’’Pitch Perfect’’ (2012), while her directorial debut was ’’Pitch Perfect 2’’ in 2014.

The winsome and beautiful Banks met her not so charming prince, Max Handelman, on her first day at college.

She and Handelman were married 11 years later, in 2003, while their two children were born through a surrogate.

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  • Charlie Evans
    Charlie Evans

    OMG all these years i thought Ric Ocasek was dead. It was in the news years ago. Thank God he’s alive. This is awesome. Many years ago it was on the news that Ric ocasek died and so when ever i would listen to the cars i’d think about Ric. Anyhow it’s awesome that he is still alive with us. As for this article 20 hot celebrities with unattractive partners??? What the Hell. I’m not gay or anything but Ric Ocasek is a hot looking man lol. There is nothing ugly about that man.He has the coolest look and a amazing personality. Who in Hell is writing these stupid ridiculous ignorant stories? I think they make a wonderful couple.

  • Dan

    Only thing ugly here is such an amazingly judgemental opinion of people who are probably a million times more beautiful than the ugliness that thought up and then assembled this list.  Beauty and ugliness both come from inside, not how one looks on the outside.  Ask yourself what the celebrities they’re married to saw and then look in the mirror to see real ugliness.

    • Bob

      The celebrities they married saw millions or in some cases billions of dollars.

      I hope this helps!

  • deben kishor anjan
    deben kishor anjan


  • Sophia

    can’t believe that Salma Hayek is with this ugly old guy

  • Md.Rasheduzzamn

    i like this site

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