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Marvel Comics has never failed to impress its audience with the best of super heroes. In a world, where we have a tremendous fan hood for male super heroes, Marvel Cinematic Universe presented the audience with the strongest and the most elegant female super heroin, Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel, an ex US Air Force fighter pilot and the member of Star force; a military unit is entitled with super powers as her body absorbed energy from an explosion. She is embraced with super human strengths, flight and energy. Her character has been a firm believer of truth and justice.

The movie has been a hit in the theatres and Captain Marvel still lives in the hearts of her fans. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, then we must say, you have been missing on something really amazing! Below are listed five reasons out of a hundred, stating why you really need to go and see Captain Marvel.We ensure you, that once you read the following reasons, you will get going to see the masterpiece of Marvel Universe. You can also check out the collection of Michael Jackson Costume and Star Wars Jacket for an attire to slay in, as you go out with your squad to watch the most classic hit of the year! Give the following reasons a read:

1.The Character Of Captain Marvel Is Great

We have always admired men as super heroes, making great moves and runs to save humanity and get justice for the people in need. Have we ever thought of giving this chance to women? Captain Marvel, a strong and independent character with the urge of embracing justice and truth, has been an incredible one on the screen. Marvel Comics has given us a true influencer to admire. The solid and firm character of Captain Marvel has given us a reason to appreciate female super heroes who are no less than men.

The character of Captain Marvel is strong, funny and relatable. You can say, it’s kind of the entire package you look for! She has certainly become a girl crush for this generation. The vibrant and modest character of Captain Marvel has proved to be a female role model for all the women who are seeking a ray of hope to admire themselves.

2. The Expand Of Marvel Cinematic Universe

Caption Marvel

Marvel Comics has always been introducing the most reliable yet exciting characters that are admired by million of hearts. If you are one of the Marvel fans, then this is a must watch! As you witness the embracing plot of the movie, Captain Marvel, you might also come across some familiar characters like Nick Fury and many others. The charm that Marvel Comics has maintained since years, has been an uprising one with the release of Captain Marvel.

The movie and the plot are all-new adventurous one, leading away from the history that has been seen in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let the Marvel Comics expand its exposure and indulge us with concentration and appraisal.

3. Action And Humor Is All What It Is About

Captain Marvel is the perfect blend of action, humor and heart. Unlike Thor and many other dark movies, Captain Marvel is fulfilled with thrill and charm. The characters are embraced with charming and humorous personalities. Even Nick Fury has been a total comedian in the movie. The movie isn’t too humorous or too serious; it has just the perfect amount of punch lines and action to appreciate.

Usually people lose interest in a movie due to lack of any one of these elements or because of a vibrant touch of any of these. Having a balanced blend of emotion and action, is just what makes a movie hit. Captain Marvel has managed to maintain a positive ambiance all along the plot, which maintained audience’s interest.The emotions along with side humor and a pack of perfectly matched feelings, is what Captain Marvel is all about. If you want to watch a movie with the perfect blend of action, human and heart; then this is what you must go and watch right away!

4. The Bond Of Nick Fury And Captain Marvel

Caption Marvel

Nick Fury has been one of the serious characters that Marvel has introduced us with. But there’s a surprise waiting for you here! In Captain Marvel, Nick Fury has a humorous and a lively personality. Oh yes, he’s the clown of the movie. It’s surely kind of fun to watch him this way in the movie. The backstory of Nick Fury is quite obvious and vigilante in the movie which makes you recall the previous story line of the Marvel Comics. You can laugh your heart out while watching the movie.

5. The Call Backs Are Fun

As Captain Marvel has been captured in the movie, and her memory has been erased; the callbacks that she gets are fun and humorous to witness. The way she figures out things one by one, are a pleasure to see. Marvel Universe hasn’t produced any plot like this before, which makes this one a classy and unique one to watch. If you have missed on watching this one, you will surely regret when all your friends will be laughing and appreciating the plot of the movie.


So, if you haven’t watched Captain Marvel yet, then what are you waiting for? Go! See it! And now as you have been through this article, we assure you that you would keep recalling these 5 reasons as you go through the plot of the movie! Go and embrace the personality of Captain Marvel and appreciate the positivity of the character. Admire the female super hero that Marvel has given to the audience with a vibrant personality and a divergent soul.We hope, you get out of the theatre with a positive and an embarked review about the movie and the character that has influenced us with the best of humanity, Captain Marvel!

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