20 Online Resources and Apps for Dyslexic Students

20 Online Resources and Apps for Dyslexic Students
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Dyslexia is a reading skills disorder that is quite common in kids. Its symptoms are associated with a violation of certain mental functions responsible for the ability to read. The incorrect recognition of symbols and signs is one of the most common symptoms of dyslexia. As a result, children have trouble understanding the text, which leads to difficulties in learning.

However, today, being diagnosed with dyslexia is no longer equal to failing academically. Such a disorder can be controlled and coped with thanks to the use of specific tools and resources. Luckily, the Internet is replete with handy platforms and applications designed to help kids overcome issues connected with dyslexia and stop feeling like underachievers. Besides, these tools can be helpful for both children in the classroom and their tutors. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Google Play Books

The first program aimed at assisting dyslexic learners is entirely free of charge. It can be launched on all devices equipped with the Android operating system. Its essence consists in highlighting text fragments that the application “reads” aloud. Thus, the dyslexic kid can simultaneously see the words they are hearing. 

KNFB Reader

One of the most convenient tools for converting textual material to audio is KNFB Reader. Even though this program is not the cheapest one (its full cost amounts to 100 dollars), it is easy to use and requires only a photo or a scan of the text that needs to be transformed into audio. After that, the application will play the produced audio file. 

Easy Word Count

This app indicates how many words there are in a chosen text, so the teacher (or the students themselves) may set a final goal of how much must be read in a certain period. In addition, the learners will be able to see the text length and control how much they have left to read. Hence, it will help them absorb and analyze what they have just read and consequently achieve their personal goals.

Learning Ally

Unfortunately, dyslexia robs the students of such a wonderful possibility as reading for pleasure. And there are so many great books in the world! To help kids diagnosed with such a disorder not miss the opportunity to learn fantastic, inspiring stories, the free Learning Ally app provides a realm of audiobooks to be enjoyed without getting stressed about reading disability. 


Older students who have dyslexia but wishing to keep up with the news can do so with the help of this handy tool. Simply store online news articles in the Pocket program that will then read them aloud.

Assignment Partner

Indeed, reading represents one of the biggest challenges for the learners diagnosed with this disorder; however, writing is no less easy for them. Assignment Partner is a virtual writing platform, one of the academic-aid industry leaders, which assists students in need with enhancing their writing abilities. 

Claro Speak

Another great tool based on the principle of the text-to-speech conversion is Claro Speak. Nevertheless, its functionality is not limited to transforming documents into sounds, as it also allows the user to save the text as an audio file. It means that this app is perfect to use on the move. Claro Speak has yet another advantage – with its help, one can turn the image (scan) of a text into audio. At this, the speed of playback speed can be set at the learner’s convenience. 

Claro PDF

A perfect match for the previous program is Claro PDF, one of the unique tools that operate with PDF files. Such a popular format of documents is widely used, which makes this application a must-have for dyslexic students. It highlights the text while playing the audio for a better understanding of the learners.  

Cite It In

Since writing an article is quite burdensome for a dyslexic person, they can avoid the extra pressure and stress by resorting to this website for their references and citations. Due to the fact that each academic paper contains words and dates, Cite It In will help dyslexic learners rest their nerves and succeed in writing. 

Big Assignments

The next platform acts as a more in-depth spell-checking tool, checking the accuracy of the context in addition to the correctness of the text. Thus, students who experience issues with using homonyms can deal with this problem thanks to Big Assignments. 

Shakespeare in Bits

William Shakespeare – or, rather, his works – are still widely used in the curriculums of various educational establishments. As Shakespeare’s language is quite different from the modern English, reading and learning his masterpieces is challenging even for those children who do not have dyslexia. For this reason, Shakespeare in Bits app contains a collection of audio versions of several of Shakespeare’s plays, along with animations and translations into the Old English. 

UK Writings

The learners diagnosed with such a disorder can also seek someone to respond to their “write essay for me” plea on the web, as composing a paper for them represents a serious difficulty. This customized writing helper endows every interested student with writing, revising, and editing services to ensure their works are worthy of the best grade.  

Google Keyboard

This useful tool offers a dictation function that allows dyslexia sufferers to express their thoughts in typing quickly and effortlessly. Plus, it boasts of another beneficial option – the next-word prediction feature. 

Snap Type Pro

Snap Type Pro presents its users with a special option of overlaying text fields, simplifying the process of interaction with worksheets or other forms.

Flash Cards Deluxe

Flash Card Deluxe is a lifeline for dyslexic people who are keen on self-study and improving their learning skills. Thus, while writing and reading are inextricably linked with struggles, taking notes is equally hard for students coping with this disorder. This outstanding program is designed to help them put down their thoughts and ideas in the most convenient way.  

Mental Note

Another fantastic app for writing (or typing) down your notes is Mental Note. Among its most attractive features is the function of taking voice notes, alongside saving photos of texts. 

Sharp Essay

Sharp Essay
Image Source – is a trusted online resource abundant with a plethora of useful tips and writing services for every struggling learner. 

Read&Write Keyboard

This one is the second paid program on our list. Yet, for its reasonable price of 20 dollars, every user of Read & Write Keyboard will ensure themselves with a reliable and comprehensive tool for kids diagnosed with dyslexia. It includes everything a dyslexic learner may need – from text-to-audio conversion and grammar checker to a whole host of dictionaries and thesauruses and synchronized highlighting feature.  

Inspiration Maps

The next tool represents a graphic organizer, in which a multi-touch approach and visual diagrams are successfully introduced to assist dyslexic students with the creation of written works. 

Adobe Voice

The application of visual material, including PP presentations, is a popular teaching technique used in classrooms all over the world. Adobe Voice is a dyslexia-friendly analog of the Microsoft program, which enhances the learning experience for children suffering from this disorder, and therefore, adds to their academic success. 

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