16 Celebs Who Will Leave the U.S. Because Trump Won

Bryan Cranston

#15 Bryan Cranston is packing bags

Here is what Cranston said one month ago when asked about Trump.

I would definitely move. It’s not real to me that that would happen. I hope to God it won’t.

Sorry Mr. Cranston, but you were wrong.

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  • Yo sista
    Yo sista

    OK, for one, you don’t know what Present Trump is or isn’t going to do. And watch him talk those jack-wagon Mexicans into paying for that wall… This ain’t Obama we be talking bout! And for these so call celebraties, good ridins!!! ( But they ain’t going no where, really?)

  • Evelyn Horton
    Evelyn Horton

    these people are stupid. I hope when they realize their mistake they are not allowed back into the USA/

  • Left when Bill Clinton became president - there was a piece of work.
    Left when Bill Clinton became president - there was a piece of work.

    I won’t miss any of them. Some of them shouldn’t be called celebrities; some are washed up anyway and for others, good riddance.

  • Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.
    Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.

    Have fun before the flash, and give me a shout when you reach Cascais.

  • Sportsfileghana.com

    This is ridiculous, they can come to my country if they want

  • Double D
    Double D

    Another good reason not to frequent their TV
    shows, their concerts or their movies. America will find a blessing in their departure. Hurry there whereever you are going but definitely don’t rush back and take the con artist, lying mouth with you.

  • reza

    i like

  • WarrinaBuffetina

    It is often possible to tell which ‘stars’ have careers that are on the wane. They will do or say something outlandish just to get attention to put themselves BACK in the news, even if only momentarily. My suggestion to the writer of this article is to actually SEE which stars have moved from the USA to areas more receptive to socialism one year from now.

  • Greg C
    Greg C

    See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya.

  • Carole

    I hope some of those people come to Costa Rica so I can sell them my beach house because I want to move back to the U.S. now that there isn’t a politician in the White House.

  • Soonia

    Goodbye Good Riddance.
    Hope y’all head for Mexico, to help build the economy over there.

  • Aurelio

    They don’t have cojones . Go and don’t comeback . 

  • lmao

    Y’all are f*ck*d up if even Nick Fury leaves

  • make_america_great_again_2020

    Some of you are real morons. And some of you will learn that Trump is too. In most cases it’ll hopefully be a 1:1 match.

  • Giancarlo

    Why don’t those celebs go to Africa (if they let them in) , or, perhaps a Muslim country?

  • Sonia

    Promises promises, aren’t they gone already, who needs those degenerated, over the hill ‘deplorables’ anyway.
    Good luck, goodbye, good riddance.
    On your way to Mexico!

  • Pops

    Please keep us appraised as to who left for where and when ? 
    Please. We need to refresh the memories of not only those imbeciles but also the little memory their backer had for their statements.

  • Joe

    I am a hard working 72 yr old white guy who was ignored by liberals for the sake of securing diverse votes of those who think that government is the answer to their problems, when in fact is the government is responsible for many of the problems that it claims to solve. I already left the country during Obama’s reign, in part because I saw the U.S. destined to repeat the mistakes already made in Europe which is becoming a hell hole due to nonsensical policies. If Trump is able to accomplish his stated goals, I may return to the states; furthermore, I may even be able to afford to live in the US and retire. A weak America benefits no one but the wealthy. As for people promising to leave due the Trump’s election, I challenge them to put their actions where their mouth is as I did because of several democrat elections orchestrated by a media that intentionally misinformed an already dumbed down electorate. The worst characters in the governments publicity arm are ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC. They ought to be held accountable for their misdeeds in this life as they will be in the next.

    • success marrkay
      success marrkay

      That is nonsens u all I racese

  • Kaji Eze Paschal
    Kaji Eze Paschal

    Trump is the choice of Americans if you are not ok with it, sorry nothing can be done

    • guyfire

      lol everyone says trump is the choice of the american people… actually more people voted for hillary… but trump got more votes in the electoral college…. strange how this works ri8?

    • Pops

      Yes something can be done. Leave the country. Good speed.

      • Chip D'Beef
        Chip D'Beef

        Its, God speed.

  • Jim in Sai Gon
    Jim in Sai Gon

    What will truly mortify this coterie of brats is that Trump might just deliver all of that “Hope and Change” that Obama promised. “Shovel-ready jobs.” An end to partisan gridlock. Improvement of our National infrastructure. Who knows? Things never play out the way we expect them to.

    • Omua

      Trump his group will take America back to the dark ages and surrender supremacy to Trump’s master, Putin of Russia. Interesting times.

      • Pops

        If you cannot stop it completely, at least try to reduce the intake of Kool Aid.

  • Heinrich Blezinger
    Heinrich Blezinger

    I remind of J.F.Kennedy und Martin Luther King.
    A president’s life is in danger. Good luck to him and all his supporters.

  • DanSan

    Trump na f##k those illegals residents back to their ma##fa#ka countries

  • Ricardo Gomez
    Ricardo Gomez

    You all MOTHER F###ERS americans who love that PIG Donald Trump, you and that Pig want to make your f###ing country great again? then just cut off with the outside world, mind your own business and don´t stick your nose into the affairs of other countries

    • zigler vemont
      zigler vemont

      After throwing out about 150 million of your illegal vermin parasite relatives, that might be a good idea.



    • Clare

      None of us will miss anyone of those “celebs”. They are so blind they think they are so special and unique… makes me laugh my a… off. CRAZY PEOPLE… Please Leave!1!!! We are profoundly grateful and please take some more with you. HAHAHAHA!!!

  • Gerda Meyer
    Gerda Meyer

    Please, let those “celebs” not come to us .

    • stilbaaigirl23

      Goed gesê. You mUst live in Stilbaai ;D

  • Sylvester Okoronkwo
    Sylvester Okoronkwo

    I love Trump. He is God-sent.He will be a great president,to bring sanity and make America great again.

    • Pierre Odendaal
      Pierre Odendaal

      I think anyone who supports Trump must be on Make-me-an-ignorant-idiot pills

      • zigler vemont
        zigler vemont

        You obviously OD’ed on those pills.

  • Nessyone

    Excellent, it’s better for every body.
    Bye bye and see you… never!!!

  • Barb

    Theses people who are willing to leave their country because they don’t like who the people voted in? Does that mean if they go to another country they will leave when they don’t like who gets voted in there. If you Love  your country you would stay and work to make it a better place to live. Try working together instead of fighting each other. 

    • the truth you will deny
      the truth you will deny

      by your logic if a president who would commit genocide in a country got voted it to power would you stay ?

      this is hypothetical situation to prove the point. you have to options one being staying in a place you dislike or two moving on to a society that is smart enough not to put a retard in power

      its a simple choice always take the latter leave the BS behind you

      • zigler vemont
        zigler vemont

        So when are YOU leaving? Need help?

  • Beryl Vassilieff
    Beryl Vassilieff

    Why haven’t they left yet? These people are so self centred they really believe we care!

    • Pierre Odendaal
      Pierre Odendaal

      Well, considering celebs are a big part of America’s Entertainment industry, you should care.

      • Double D
        Double D

        Why should we care. Their value is negligible in the whole scheme of life in this country. Other entertainers will soon replace any who bless by leaving and certainly will not be missed by me

  • Thomas Lavery
    Thomas Lavery

    Love it can you take a few of you illegal fan with you .i hope you are moving to Mexico or elsalvador .

  • chanda

    dont leave george we all love you

    • Jean

      Not all of us. He can go anytime and hip hip hooray for his leaving, hope he takes all those big-headed nitwits with him.

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez

    So many said they leave USA ,but I includes to them , bring back your passport to completed your stupid words . Act now as quickly as possible to show to the worlds , ypur so intelligent move …………………

  • prashanth.KP

    This rubbish is question the intelligence and mandate of the Majority Americans who voted for Trump. Who the heck are these tramps to decide for the majority preference. So, shift your butts …  who cares!

  • DT

    Run bitch, runnn! 😀

  • John rice
    John rice

    The idea is to make the country a reasonable place for thr population to thrive. Celebes contribute as little as possible except to tax lawyers..if he’s allowed to progress with his programme it will be to the citizens advantage. Not the spiv with his snout in the public troug)’

    • Pierre Odendaal
      Pierre Odendaal

      He insulted and threatened half the US-population, is that what you call making a population thrive.

  • Andy Young
    Andy Young

    We are also waiting Wole Soyinka in Nigeria. He promised to leave USA if Trump won and Trump now won! www

  • Emil Garzon
    Emil Garzon

    I hope they keep their promise

    • Pierre Odendaal
      Pierre Odendaal

      Well, considering celebs are a big part of America’s Entertainment industry, you should worry.

      • zigler vemont
        zigler vemont

        If you consider them entertainment – you’re hurting.You must consider whining as entertainment

  • Gary

    Is there a record of ANY of these Sleeze Bags, ever leaving after at Least 30 years of promises???
    Doubtful, as any Democrap cannot tell the truth…

  • jenny baker
    jenny baker

    Are they using Trump as an excuse to leave?  Trump will deliver just give him a chance

  • David

    PLEASE go ahead and leave. I dare you. We would all be better off if you fulfilled your promise

    • Pierre Odendaal
      Pierre Odendaal

      Well, considering celebs are a big part of America’s Entertainment industry, you should be concerned.

      • zigler vemont
        zigler vemont

        I didn’t know parrots could type – you’ve said this how many times now??

  • martins

    Comment I believe trump will deliver

  • saidu

    I need peace to the new head but not destruction on the planets.

  • nostrings

    It’s as if the weeds are pulling themselves out of the ground. Amazing.

    • Pierre Odendaal
      Pierre Odendaal

      If you think they are weeds then … I don’t know what to say.

      Considering celebs are a big part of America’s Entertainment industry, it will be a problem.

  • Bob For Trump
    Bob For Trump

    Trump will make America great again!

    #1 task – Put Hillary into jail!

    • truth you will deny
      truth you will deny

      im not from the US but if you have not heard …..

      1) Trump himself has already stated he is not going to do anything to Hillary Clinton
      2) he also said he would build a wall and make mexico pay for it …. TURNS out mexico leaders said there is no way that would happen …. “there is no way we will build that f##king wall” ….. sorry for the language but its what he said

      its sad to see that so many Americans bought his fake promises …. i guess that episode if Simpsons is going to come true

      • Pierre Odendaal
        Pierre Odendaal

        I was actually perfectly happy to hear that, until I heard that there is a way he can make Mexico pay.
        What has America done!

      • Pepe

        The good thing Mr Trump won . That’s all it matters no more Clinton in a Hundred years .

  • Daniela

    Drum bun si Cale batuta good luck were the time to do something brave hahaha

  • Tom

    Miley can come to rub my back when Im showered.

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